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Our history

AXON GROUP LTDA is a Colombian company with an international presence, established in 2009, with the vision of providing solutions and technology to a transversal sector such as automation, with the aim of promoting the growth and evolution of the national industry, making it more efficient and competitive, in order to generate greater progress and well-being for society.

At AXON GROUP we believe in comprehensive development, and we care about the well-being of our employees and clients, designing and developing usable and maintainable software solutions for the management of our projects with the highest quality standards, providing the best support and the greatest trust for our solutions.

We also share with our clients the knowledge and experiences formed over the years, providing training with specialists in each subject who propose strategies to face the technical challenges of a dynamic and growing sector. We want to be the company that understands your needs, and offers you real solutions that are compatible with your environment


To provide the electricity sector with easy-to-use, smart solutions and applications that make the automation process efficient, in an environment that prioritizes the quality of life of our employees and collaborators.


To be an avant-garde company in the development of quality solutions and products, achieving sustainable growth of our company and stakeholders, with a high international presence.

Company Values


It is a commitment and an obligation of all Axon Group personnel.


We are focused on generating value through innovative and user-friendly products.


We are kind and respectful to all our clients, co-workers, and the community where we operate.

Quality of life

We are committed to working on staff development and a good working environment.

Our Purpose

Contribute to making Latin America a world power in solutions for the electricity sector

Company Values


The allocation of all the necessary resources to guarantee the continuous improvement of the quality management systems, based on the identification of risks and the achievement of the organizational objectives to satisfy the customers needs.

The implementation of best practices to preserve the environment, through continuous improvement of its environmental management system, through:


  • The identification and management of environmental aspects and impacts associated with the development of both administrative and operational activities at all work sites.
  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations as well as the obligations that are voluntarily assumed.
  • Fostering a culture of caring for the environment at all levels of the organization.

The continuous evolution of the ethical commitment seeks to contribute to the transformation of society.

  • We respect and support the protection of human rights.
  • We reject any act of corruption.
  • All employees are responsible for communicating inappropriate behavior, illegal activities and other risks to the company in a timely manner.
  • We support the eradication of child labor and the abolition of discriminatory employment practices.
  • The continuous evolution of the ethical commitment which seeks to contribute to the transformation of society.
  • We define new goals based on national and international initiatives and standards, for which we voluntarily adhere to the guiding principles of the United Nations Global Compact.
  • Our ethical commitment defines the way we do great things.

The implementation and continuous improvement of innovation management systems, understanding that developments have built part of the written history with the talent of great professionals and recognizing innovation as the key driver that will allow us to achieve constant growth of the organization given the speed and opportunity offered by new technologies.

Innovation will lead us to expansion and exploration of new markets or business models. For this reason, we are committed to allocating the necessary resources, thinking of new forms of value generation to guarantee the growth of all those involved.

The implementation, development and continuous improvement of the HS MS are very important for the prevention of accidents at work and occupational diseases of all interested parties involved in the development of work through:

  • Hazard identification, evaluation and assessing the risk derived from administrative and operational activities at all work sites, and establishing controls for their mitigation or elimination.
  • Compliance with applicable legal requirements.
  • Fostering a culture of prevention of occupational risks and self-care at all levels of the organization.
  • The timely allocation of the necessary resources for the Security and health at work.

When situations arise in which our personal or financial interests could conflict with those of Axon Group, each person must fully disclose them. We will refrain from participating in any company activity in which we may be influenced by personal relationships that represent an obstacle to making impartial and objective decisions. Lobby and donations: It is not allowed to offer, request or receive gifts or donations of high value, only minor details may be accepted and gifts of representation or Lobby may be made in the development of the commercial or administrative tasks. Finance: All activities carried out by the company must be recorded in a truthful and timely manner. We will permanently ensure the reliability and accuracy of our accounts, documents, and reports in accordance with established procedures and accounting systems. Communication: Our commitment is permanent to provide transparent, impartial, and timely information to all our stakeholders.

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