Axon BMS

Axon BMS Management of Backups

Axon BMS is a Web system for the private management of backups that provide support to the cybersecurity strategies of the Electric power industry. It allows the registration, organization, presentation, definition of version and controls access to information and documents associated with critical cyber assets of a substation, facilitating the traceability and implementation of recovery plans. Its access control scheme, with support for LDAP, makes it possible to assign basic or advanced privileges to each user depending on the task or section that is assigned.

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Through reports it allows you to audit the actions of the users and to carry out searches related to all the information about the system, using criteria such as users, assets, or cases.

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Key Features

  • Private platform with fast Web access
  • Manual backup module
  • Installers backup module 
  • Document management module for cyber assets
  • Document version management
  • Symmetric encryption of sensitive information
  • Regular notification of open cases in the system (configurable).
  • Hierarchical organization of elements
  • Log and access to system events for auditing
  • Quick search for elements within the system


Within the main view of the platform, it is possible to access and manipulate information contained in each of the elements of the tree, these refer to cyber assets, manuals, installers, or any other digital object that could be uploaded to the platform, for its support and protection.

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System Requirements

Axon BMS Backup management

Web Server: Apache 2.4 or higher recommended

PHP: PHP 7.1.7 or higher

MySQL: mysql See 15.1 Distrib 10.1.25-MariaDB

LDAP: PHP 7 compatible version of ldap


RAM: 2GB + depending on the maximum file size to support

Disk Space: 100 MB (installation) + 1TB (recommended for data storage).

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