ICCP Detector

Axon ICCP Detector

It is a system for the supervision and control of ICCP/TASE.2 (Inter Control Center Protocol) channels.

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Axon ICCP Detector allows to calculate the disponibility index of signals in real time. This solution has the purpose of facilities of supervision and take decisions in the right time, so the supervisor can intervene in the communication process between control centers.

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Key features

  • Queries of daily, weekly, quarterly, semi-annual or personalized availability time ranges. 
  • Real-time measurement of the Availability Index of the signals that are reported on the channel, based on the criteria defined by the COES. 
  • It has visual alert mechanisms and alerts via email in the event of a reduction in availability due to a drop in the channel or groups of signals. 
  • It facilitates the analysis of availability behavior through historical reports that can be exported in open formats. 
  • Availability reports are accessed via the Web.


It has a view to present the real time information of categories and signals. Allowing a prompt reaction to unwanted events in the availability of the system.

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System Requirements

Axon ICCP Detector

  • Operative System: Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Framework: Microsoft .NET 4.6.2
  • Hardware: 4 GB free
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Disk space: 400MB (installation) + 20GB free space. (It is recommended for data storage)